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I am proud to announce that I am running for MBUSD School Board on November 8, 2022.  As a wife and mother to three children, each of whom attend a different school within our district, I am happy to outline my ideas for restoring excellence in our schools.


My school of thought is easy, “BACK TO THE BASICS”


Going back to the practices and standards of where we were - a medley of ideas and people focused on reading, writing, science and arithmetic - so that we can move forward to where we need to be - an honest and sincere understanding of who we all are.


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Why I'm Runninglll

My platform is simple:  ABCD:

Educating our children should be our absolute and most fundamental function. We need to refocus on the proven practices and standards that will help our children master reading, writing, science and arithmetic, the basics!  As a school board, we must be passionate and committed to pursuing these traditional educational norms so our children can advance to higher education and be competitive and highly functional in our fast-paced world.


A : Academics, Athletics & Arts.

Let's strive for excellence in ALL disciplines for each student. We must restore MBUSD as the premier choice for MB school-aged kids.


B : Budget.

Fiscal intelligence and discipline is paramount!  We have challenges ahead of us. The COVID money is winding down, the state doesn’t provide full support to high-performing districts, and the parcel tax expires in 2 short years; our pension-and-benefit commitments to staff are large and growing. I’ll analyze the numbers and collaborate with my colleagues to ensure that we make fiscally-sound, smart financial decisions.


C : Community.

Community. The school board should serve the entire MB community. We deserve a top-performing School District. The recent parcel-tax fiasco exemplified what can happen when a few insiders assume they know what’s best for all of us yet refuse to engage the broader community in open-minded debate. MB voters will support our schools if we create and maintain a two-way dialogue.


D: Debate.

Unanimous school board decisions are a byproduct of “Group Think” and a chronic lack of spirited debate and critical thinking.  I know how to collaborate and how to respectfully build a consensus.  Our kids deserve our best thinking.  The community deserves to know what the priorities are of each trustee. 


I love MBUSD. I’m a fresh face / fresh voice. Let’s strengthen our schools together.

Vote CHRISTY on November 8.

Thank you!


Meet Christylll

  • We moved to MB  in 2006 for the excellent schools. I’m running to REFOCUS our schools on academic excellence and ensure sound finances.


  • Our 3 children currently attend MBUSD schools: our teenagers are at Mira Costa and MBMS and our youngest attends Grandview. 

  • I’ve been deeply involved with my kids’ education through PTA Executive Board, Room Mom, Safety Committee at Grandview and Library volunteer.


  • Professionally, I have managed several successful start-ups through senior positions at Paycom, Oxymoron, StereoD and Vault, including founding a company from its initial concept through a massive growth phase (0-350 employees), and managing the sale to Ronald Perlman (Deluxe Entertainment). I manage projects and ideas from concept to ultimate fruition.


  • With a 91 million dollar budget, I will approach the Board responsibilities from a professional perspective.


  • I thrive amid complexity.


  • I am happily married to Dave for the last 14 years. We love MB!

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